Korean Rugged SUVs

SsangYong, the South Korean automobile manufacturer, announced the ‘SsangYong Torres,’ a mid-range SUV poised as a slightly more expensive option than the brand’s entry-level vehicles. SsangYong released a short commercial for the Torres that unveils a number of physical features of the SUV. For example, the Torres has five seats and an impressive mount of storage due to its elongated frame that almost resembles a full-size van.

On top of this, the front and rear grilles of the Torres have a unique design that includes six verticle pillars instead of a more traditional mesh frame. The hood curves up on the sides, and the vehicle itself slants downward toward the rear, giving the Torres a streamlined design. The car features LED indicators in the standard locations, as well as on the side-view mirrors with elongated, linear lights that accentuate the shapes of the vehicle.

Image Credit: SsangYong

Source:https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/ ssangyong-torres

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