Automated Robotic Forklifts

Automated Robotic Forklifts

‘OTTO Motors,’ the company focused on creating autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions, has launched ‘Lifter,’ a smart robotic forklift. This forklift is compact, self-managed, and capable of performing various challenging tasks that previously required a human. While many AMRs have been created to automate production lines and other simple tasks through programmable robotic arms, OTTO stated that none have been able to “pick up a pallet on its own.”

The Lifter solves this problem and goes beyond this simple expectation. Not only can the Lifter pick up and carry a pallet autonomously, but it can navigate through both predictable and structured environments as well as certain crowded and dynamic environments, safely. OTTO’s Lifter has accurate sensors that cover 360-degree viewpoints, allowing it to stop itself from colliding with people or objects. When factoring in the operation cost of the Lifter, the robot’s “wage” works out to approximately $9 USD per hour, which is quite affordable considering this is below the minimum wage for a human.

Image Credit: OTTO Motors


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