Bleach: brave Souls - Tips and Tricks

Bleach: brave Souls – Tips and Tricks

Bleach: Brave Souls – Tips and Tricks

Bleach: Brave Souls is a hack and slash game but KLab Studios. If you aren’t aware, the game is based on the mega-popular anime, Bleach. It was one of the big three animes back in the day and has now made a return with a new season. In the spirit of that, let’s discuss more about its game, Bleach Brave Souls. Just in case you’re new to the came and know nothing about it, then you’re at the perfect place. We have a detailed guide and some tips and tricks for you. So let’s get into it!

Downloading Bleach: Brave Souls

Downloading Bleach: Brave Souls
You can download this game through Google Play and the App Store. It is free to download, there are some in-game purchases you can make, but even without them, you can breeze through the game.
Bleach: Brave Souls – Basic Gameplay:
Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks
When it comes to the gameplay, it is very straightforward. There are many stages for you to do and play around with. You can deploy three characters at once on the battlefield. There is a linear field in which a bunch of enemies appear as you keep going ahead. You will encounter normal enemies in the first two areas of the stage, and the boss will appear in the 3rd area. You can attack the enemies with the attack button on the right.
There are a bunch of status effects that you can get by the enemies attacking you back. They are as follows:
Burn – The character loses a little bit of HP over time.
Confuse – The character moves in the opposite direction.
Paralyze – The character cannot move.
Freeze – The character freezes in place and cannot move.
Poison – The character loses a little bit of HP over time.
TIP #1 – Don’t forget to upgrade your characters:
Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks
If you’re familiar with the anime Bleach, you will recognize most of the characters in the game since they are all from the anime. All characters are ranked according to their rarity, from 6-stars to 1-star. Having more 5 and 6-star characters will help you a lot in the long run. But in the end, it depends on how you build them. Click on Edit and then on the character’s profile. You will notice a button on the bottom labeled “Soul Tree.” There you will have multiple attributes of the character that you can upgrade. Make sure to max them all out.
When it comes to leveling up the character, you can do so through the EXP button on the top right of the soul tree screen. Use as much as EXP crystals as you want to level them up. But there will be a limit for the same. That level cap can be increased by Augmenting the character. Don’t utilize the rare cards; instead, use the rest of the character cards. Doing these upgrades is going to help a lot in terms of building a strong unit.
TIP #2 – Summon for more characters:
Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks
Bleach: Brave Souls also has its own gacha system to get more characters. The “Shop/Summon” button is located in the bottom left corner of the main screen, and it will take you to all of the summoning options. Characters or accessories can be summoned, and both require Spirit Orbs. We recommend you do character summons in the beginning since having more high-ranked characters will ease the levels a bit. Use the Spirit Orbs only one of the banners to increase your rates of getting a much rarer one. Gathering Spirit Orbs is a much easier task, you can just play through a story quest, do your dailies and gather enough to summon over and over.

TIP #3 – Learning about the Elemental System:

Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks

TIP #3 – Learning about the Elemental System:
Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks
Like most of the other games, we also have an elemental system to follow. There are five elements in the game; three of them have a rock-paper-scissors dynamic, whereas the other two just counterattack each other. They go as follows:
Power (RED) – Strong against Technique (GREEN), weak against Speed (BLUE).
Technique (GREEN) – Strong against Speed (BLUE), weak against Power (RED).
Speed (BLUE) – Strong against Power (RED), weak against Technique (GREEN).
Heart (PURPLE) – Strong against Mind (ORANGE).
Mind (ORANGE) – Strong against Heart (PURPLE).
It’s better to learn about the elemental advantage beforehand since it will help a lot going forward in the game.

TIP #4 – Form a strong team:

Bleach: Brave Souls - Tips and Tricks

TIP #4 – Form a strong team:
There are many different game modes in Bleach: Brave Souls and not all of them are going to require the same team. You always need to think about the team stats when forming them. You must pay closer attention to team effects and construct your team accordingly to generate more energy.
TIP #5 – Complete all of your dailies:
Collecting rewards is extremely easy in this game, it is very F2P friendly. But earning them means putting in a bit of work with doing the story quests, co-op quests, arena, and a lot more. Doing the daily and weekly quests doesn’t take a lot of your time, but they do reward you with a lot of materials to make your characters stronger.


These are just some tips we have for Bleach: Brave Souls. Overall, it is an extremely fun game to play and it also follows the story in the anime, so you don’t have to watch the whole 300+ episodes, just play through the game. Hope you have fun as much as we did and Happy Gaming!
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