Branded Anti-Harassment Initiatives

Branded Anti-Harassment Initiatives

The Paywall Down campaign by L’Or’eal Paris is part of the global awareness movement “StandUp: against harassment in the streets.” The movement carries out anti-harassment training developed in partnership with the American NGO Hollaback.

L’Or’eal Paris is using its public platform to spread awareness via an informative campaign video. The brand’s mission is to circulate information to help combat harassment in public spaces. According to Laura Parkinson, director of L’Or’eal Paris in Brazil, “as a world-leading female brand, we need to educate and inform, this is also our role.”

The video showcases harassment case headlines based in Brazil, many locked behind website paywalls, resulting in little to no access to the news. Part of the Paywall Down campaign includes free access to every harassment news sponsored by L’Or’eal Paris.

Image Credit: L’Or’eal Paris


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