Compostable Cannabis Packaging

Compostable Cannabis Packaging

Maui Grown Therapies recently announced the launch of new compostable packaging for its dispensary products. The new packaging features tear opening, reclosable zipper, and strength. The packaging contains no bisphenol (including BPA and other derivatives) or phthalates, as it is made from bio-based materials. The bag can decompose into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass in about 90 days.

“For quite some time we’ve been searching for compliant, first-rate packaging that’s also environmentally responsible,” said Christopher Cole, Maui Grown’s Director of Product Development. “We finally found a product that protects both the plants’ bio-active compounds and the environment, with no additional cost to patients, so everyone wins.”

The rollout begins this week with small flower purchases and will be gradually expanded as plastic packaging is depleted.


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