desert Trail-Ready Apparel

desert Trail-Ready Apparel

Desert Trail-Ready Apparel

MAAP works in collaboration with P.A.M. on the new PAAM 2.0. collection for the season, marking the second time that the duo is joining forces. This stems from a liberating mindset that is true to P.A.M. and has a graphic influence in terms of design when it comes to MAAP’s notable technical engineering and expertise in cycling functions.

The new collection is inspired by the constant nature of a desert sunrise and the atmosphere of the landscape when it is nighttime. This is translated through materials such as the jerseys made from premium Italian fabrication, mountain bike mesh, reflective tees, abrasion-resistant cargo bibs, Polartec fleece hoodies, and much more. It is rounded out by accessories such as arm warmers, socks, gloves, and a cap.

Image Credit: Sarah Pannell


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