Education Management Solutions

Education Management Solutions

‘Schoolytics’ is a platform designed for data management and transparency in the education system. The platform allows teachers, faculty members, students, and parents to view necessary information on-demand. Schoolytics allows teachers and students to share helpful information such as grades, due dates, assignment information sheets, and classroom schedules. Additionally, the Schoolytics platform provides a separate dashboard for each type of user.

Students will be able to view their own grades as well as classroom-wide statistics, such as median grades, while teachers will be able to view information on any students in their class, as well as information on their own teaching schedules. Parents, on the other hand, can view information specifically about their own kids and their kids’ teachers, which increases transparency and ease of communication, as parents can easily set up meetings with their kids’ teachers. Lastly, school staff members, such as the Principle or directorial board, can view metrics on their entire school as well as other schools in their districts.

Image Credit: Schoolytics


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