Flavorful Italian Hot Sauces

Flavorful Italian Hot Sauces

These new Firelli hot sauces are arriving in the UK market to offer consumers a way to liven up their favorite recipes with a touch of heat.

The sauces include the new Firelli Extra Hot and the Firelli Truffle, which are both crafted with premium ingredients. The sauces both maintain a low level of calories and sodium, while also boasting a vegan-friendly, gluten-free recipe that’s free from fat, cholesterol and GMOs. The products will join the brand’s original Hot Sauce, which was launched last year.

Founder Elwyn Gladstone commented on the new Firelli hot sauces saying, “We decided to launch these expressions because chilli sauce and the pizza occasion are both growing globally, and we identified a gap in the market for a delicious hot sauce to go with every food occasion. There is also an increased demand for all-natural products and exportable Italian cuisine. Firelli Truffle and Extra Hot Sauces make pizza taste unforgettable and act as a healthier replacement to chilli oil.”

Source:https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/firelli-hot- sauces

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