Household predicament Solver Campaigns

Household Problem Solver Campaigns

IKEA Sweden devised a Retail Therapy site that promotes its products in a fun way and at the same time, boosts its SEO. Rather than featuring products with their usual names, the furniture giant opted to rename common household items to reflect some of the most-searched-for familial and relationship issues. Now, searching for something like “how to say I’m not interested” calls up a garlic press, or a query for “how to know if he loves me” returns an ironing board.

The Retail Therapy site from IKEA also includes mirrors, shelving units, napkins and other solutions big and small that promise to solve everyday problems and quarrels. While the SLADDA bicycle has been renamed to represent a solution for eating too many Swedish meatballs, other favorites include maps to help people find their way back to one another.


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