Local pundit calls Lauren Boebert "a joke" & "a clown" after polemics performance

Local pundit calls Lauren Boebert “a joke” & “a clown” after polemics performance

Local pundit calls Lauren Boebert “a joke” & “a clown” after debate performance

A commentator in Colorado wasn’t holding back when he discussed Rep. Lauren Boebert‘s (R-CO) performance at a political debate against Democrat Adam Frisch.
“She is a joke,” said Democratic strategist Andy Boian. “This whole reality that she’s mocking her congressional seat? She’s a United States Congresswoman. And to act like that is an embarrassment to Colorado.”
“It’s an embarrassment to the Third” Congressional District, he continued. “It’s an embarrassment to the country. She’s a joke.”
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Boian criticized Republican commentator Michael Fields who appeared on TV with him, whose only comment on the debate itself was that he didn’t like the moderator.
“Literally the only argument that Michael has is that we should have better moderators,” Boian said. “[Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Greene is a joke. Both should be voted out. I don’t think, unfortunately, Boebert is going to be voted out this time, but the only response Republicans have is we should look at the moderator? I mean, give me a break. You’ve got to look at the actual person in the job doing the work.”
“He has no defense for Lauren Boebert. She is a clown.”
Among the many things Boebert – who is one of the most vocally anti-LGBTQ members of Congress – was criticized for during the debate was how she started the debate by attacking the moderator for a several-year-old tweet.
“Before I agree to the rules I do have one request for you. Edie [Sonn], can you please disclose to the audience that you publicly supported my 2020 Democrat candidate, Diane Mitsch Bush, and can you please disclose any other roles that you have had with Democrat candidates in the past?” Boebert said. She was referring to a tweet where Sonn had criticized Bush but started with “I’ve always been a support of yours.”
“Congresswoman Boebert, this is not about me tonight, this is about you and your opponent,” Sonn responded. “I am here to be the traffic cop while these panelists ask questions, and I respectfully ask that you agree to the terms of this debate. If you will not do so, then we can close things down right now.”
Boebert agreed to the terms of the debate and stayed.
During the debate, Boebert mentioned Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) so many times that Frisch reminded her that she was there to debate him and not Pelosi.
Since Lauren Boebert has no ability to answer substantive questions about policy, her debate strategy last night was just to repeat “Nancy Pelosi’s con game” as the answer to every question. Here is a sample of them put together. pic.twitter.com/AUGUkMGhMi
– Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) September 11, 2022

Also during the debate, Frisch asked Boebert about the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. He then asked her about her position on reproductive choice, and she asked if abortion had anything to do with the 19th Amendment.
Question: Do you think we should repeal the 19th amendment?
Boebert: No
Question: Should there be an exception for rape or incest when it comes to women’s healthcare?
Boebert: Is that in relation to the 19th amendment? pic.twitter.com/xXY1CnyWPt
– Acyn (@Acyn) September 11, 2022


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