Luminous LED Basketballs

Luminous LED Basketballs

GOLDFIREFLY is a luminous basketball founded out of California City, CA, by a man named Jacob. He invented this ball because he loved to work out at night. He attempted to purchase many luminous balls, but none were up to his standards. The biggest problems were the grip of the basketballs and the LED lights needing to be replaced constantly.

GOLDFIREFLY solves all these concerns. The ball is made of microfiber leather allowing users to grip and have the best handle on the ball. There are built-in LED lights that are exceptionally durable. The ball can be wirelessly charged. By giving the ball a simple pat, you can wake it up from its temporary sleep state and activate the lights.

This is the perfect device for hoopers looking to work the extra hours required to master their craft.


Source: goldfirefly

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