Nostalgic Gaming Snacks

Nostalgic Gaming Snacks

Pringles has launched a new ad campaign geared at gamers titled ‘Stay In The Game.’ The nostalgic commercial is launched in celebration of Pringle’s 40th anniversary, and targets the appetite of ‘OG gamers.’ Pringles was established in 1968 in Evansville, Indiana. While they were not a hit right away, they gained popularity in the 80s.

This commercial aims to pay tribute to the gamers who have stuck it out and stood by Pringles since the company’s humble beginnings. The commercial is in an 80s themed-style showcasing an 8-bit computer and the sound of a binary code loading onto a system.

The ad says that people lived much simpler before the metaverse, the cloud, the internet, and VR, hinting at getting back to our roots.

Image Credit: Esports edition


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