Pok'emon go Fest 2022 is announced featuring a bonus finale event

Pok’emon go Fest 2022 is announced featuring a bonus finale event

Pok’emon GO Fest 2022 is announced featuring a bonus finale event

It is undeniable that Pok’emon Go has been one of the most played games even during a global pandemic. Niantic made necessary changes in their game to practice safety with increased catch radius and bonuses that helped players stay safe even while going out to play during the pandemic. But, as the world comes back to being normal, the game is also getting back into pre-covid settings, and with that, the long-due Pok’emon Go fest 2022 is back.
The annual Pok’emon Go event saw thousands of trainers participating in unique raids, special research tasks, and other opportunities to catch some of the more rare Pokemon within the mobile title.

Attention Trainers:

This year’s Pok’emon GO Fest will feature not only a global event, but also in-person celebrations!

Read our blog to find out which cities will be hosting in-person events.

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Pok’emon Go Fest 2022: Event dates and locations
Fans across the world had been waiting for this announcement since the lockdowns were relaxed. Niantic has finally announced the dates for the 2022 Pok’emon Go Fest, it will be a special 2- day event starting from June 4, Saturday through June 5, Sunday. The team has not revealed any information on what Pok’emon Go fans can expect during the event but a bonus finale event that will be coming on Saturday, August 27.
Pok'emon GO Fest 2022 is announced featuring a bonus finale event
Image via Niantic

On the other hand, Pok’emon Go Fest events will begin from July 1, through July 3, in Berlin, and at the end of the same month, fans can take part in the second GO Fest event in Seattle, Washington starting on Friday, July 22 through July 24. Finally, Pokemon GO Fest returns to Japan on Friday, August 5, through August 7 in Sapporo.
Pok’emon Go has a lineup of events prepared for this year
Pok’emon Go also has a lot of other events lined up for this year to keep fans hooked on the game. One of the first events is All-Hands Rocket Retreat which begins on April 3 and ends on April 7, it will be followed by Spring into Spring which will start on April 12 and end on April 18. The Sustainability Week will begin on April 20 and run through April 25, simultaneously with Pok’emon Go Community Day on April 23, which will then be followed by the continued Alola Season.
However, April will also have regular raids and spotlight hours each week with Stunky, Bunnelby, Oddish, and Sunshine Form Cherrim in the forefront. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.


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