Pok'emon Unite Championship Series 2022 adds India as its 11th regional zone

Pok’emon Unite Championship Series 2022 adds India as its 11th regional zone

Pok’emon Unite Championship Series 2022 adds India as its 11th regional zone

Earlier this year, Pok’emon Unite announced Championship Series 2022. Excited Indian gaming community fans were heartbroken as Indian players were not eligible to participate in the World Championship. But now, Pok’emon Unite has made an announcement saying that India is eligible to participate in the regional finals and World Championship Series 2022.
India’s inclusion in the Unite Championship brings excitement to the entire Esports community
Initially, when the announcement of the championship was made this year, Indian players were in shock as they were not eligible to play in the regional qualifiers or even the World Championship. Thousands of fans in the country were left devastated as a chance for greater exposure was lost. India has a smaller Pok’emon Unite community compared to NA and SA.
However, there’s a huge Pok’emon fanbase in the country. It is worth noting that the Pok’emon anime series had to be localized to appeal to a much bigger audience in India. India also ranks third in the number of Pok’emon Go downloads just behind America and Brazil.

Players in the India region are eligible to compete in the Regional Finals and World Championships!

Registration opens for the Regional Finals Last Chance Qualifier later this month.

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India’s exclusion from the Pok’emon Unite 2022 Championship Series saw a lot of backlashes. Fans took to Twitter with the hashtag ‘#whynot_INDIA’ demanding answers from the organizers. Very few esports organizations have Pok’emon Unite lineups in the country and they were disheartened for not being eligible to play.
Nevertheless, now Indian players will be eligible to participate in the regional finals and World championships. The announcement was officially made by Pok’emon Unite esports on their Twitter handle.
India will now be considered as a region alongside 10 other regions including North America, Mexico, Central America, South America-West, South America-East, Europe, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). The Pok’emon UNITE Championship Series will run from February through June.
Pok'emon Unite Championship Series 2022 adds India as its 11th regional zone
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Indian players will have to compete in a series of qualifying tournaments in the region each month and earn the highest amount of Championship Points (CP). Indian teams will be able to qualify for the regional finals based on their placement in the Regional Championship Last Chance Qualifier.
The Regional Championship Last Chance Qualifier for India will start later this month. The Regional Champions from India will then be invited to the Pok’emon Unite World Championship 2022. This will be held in London, England featuring a massive prize pool of $500,000.
Where to watch Pok’emon Unite Championship Series 2022
Fans can watch the live broadcast of the championship in different regions through the official youtube channels in the regions of North America, South America-East/South America-West/Mexico/Central America, and also in the regions of Korea, and Japan. No information about the Indian region broadcast has been given yet. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official Pok’emon Unite website or following the official social media handles.
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