Rapid-Charging Wireless Headphones

Rapid-Charging Wireless Headphones

‘Audio-Technica,’ the Japanese manufacturer of high-quality audio devices, has unveiled the ‘ATH-M20xBT,’ a pair of wireless professional headphones with fast-charging capabilities. The headphones were inspired by the brand’s best-selling wired headphones, the ‘ATH-M20x.’

The ATH-M20xBT has a long-lasting battery capable of delivering professional studio-quality audio for up to 60 hours on one charge. Additionally, the headphones charge enough in just ten minutes to deliver up to three hours of active use. This pair of wireless headphones is also excellent to use as a headset due to its built-in microphone in the left ear cup. Also on the left ear cup is a convenient set of buttons that allow users to control calls and audio playback quickly.

Aside from the technical features, the ATH-M20xBT was also engineered for comfort. It features a professional-grade headband and ear pads that make it comfortable for long usage sessions.

Image Credit: Audio-Technica


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