Retail Frozen Pizza Expansions

Retail Frozen Pizza Expansions

Papa Gino’s, the New England-based American pizza chain with over 80 years of experience in the pizza-making industry, announced plans for the national expansion of its ‘Traditional Thin Crust Pizza’ line of frozen foods. This pizza line includes cheese, extra cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and pepper & onion recipes. For the first time ever, Papa Gino’s pizza will be available to customers across the United States.

The frozen pizzas will be available at select Walmart, Market Basket, and Hannaford locations across 22 different states, marking a monumental expansion for the frozen pizza product. The Chief Experience Officer at Gino’s Pizza, Deena McKinley, stated “We are thrilled that families outside of our current communities are able to enjoy the pizza recipe that our guests have been enjoying for over 60 years” in recognition of the recent expansion.

Image Credit: Papa Gino’s


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