rustic Modular Farms

rustic Modular Farms

Rural Modular Farms

Innovation in the agricultural industry has certainly seen an uptick in recent years and this rural modular farm in Cret Viljevski near the town of Donji Miholjac in Croatia is a great example. Harnessing principles of smart design, architecture firm Skroz designed this structure for Sin Ravnice-“one of the first professional breeders dedicated to the long-neglected Slavonian Black pig, which is indigenous to the Slavonia region of eastern Croatia.”

The Eco Pig Farm, which has a lattice-like exterior, focuses on eco-farming and its design strives to meet the highest standards for raising organic livestock. Skroz’s floorplan features two identical barns, with a farmyard and a manure pit in between. Pastures are located behind the structures.

Image Credit: Bosnic+Dorotic


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