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Rosie O’Donnell shared the A League of Their Own movie drama with cast of Abbi Jacobson’s modern TV series

Rosie O'Donnell shared the A League of Their Own movie drama with cast of Abbi Jacobson's new TV series Rosie O'Donnell spilled all "the dirt" about the onset 'A League of Their Own' drama to the cast of the new television series inspired by the movie.Kelly McCormack says the 60-year-old comedian gave all the gossip about what it was like to work on the

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Gravy-Topped Breakfast Burgers

Gravy-Topped Breakfast Burgers For a limited time, KFC customers in New Zealand can get their hands on the saucy new Gravy Burger. Available for a limited time, the new Gravy Burger consists of a sesame seed burger bun slathered with Gravynaise, and topped with an Original Recipe or Zinger Fillet, a slice of cheese, and a crispy hash brown that

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Hollow Candle-Like Table Lamps

Hollow Candle-Like Table Lamps The conceptual 'LAMPE' has been designed by Somya Chowdhary as a modern illuminator that draws inspiration from an old-fashioned aesthetic to provide users with a comforting experience. The lamp is characterized by its hollow construction that works with LEDs in the base to send a comforting glow upwards and allow it to diffuse

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