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‘A strange Loop’ leads Tony nominations with 11 nods; ‘MJ’ ties with ‘Paradise Square’ for 10

'A Strange Loop' leads Tony nominations with 11 nods; 'MJ' ties with 'Paradise Square' for 10 NEW YORK - The field of the nominees for the 75th annual Tony Awards was set in stone on Monday morning, as the theater industry shakes off the coronavirus pandemic and prepares to celebrate a season packed with powerful plays. "A Strange Loop," a new, meta musical

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Blip: Abandoned Car Chic

Blip: Abandoned Car Chic So many brochures of this era tried this and I'm not sure whyThis 1960 Borgward brochure does something a lot of car brochures of the era did: shove the car out in the middle of some sorta-wild field and just, you know, leave it there. It's not clear how the car got there, how it's going to leave, what it's doing there, or why. Lots

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