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German Racing Hypercars

German Racing Hypercars 'Bykolles Racing,' the German auto racing team, has unveiled a new Le Mans hypercar for Fia WEC. The team tested the car in a shakedown at the Zweibr"ucken Airport in Germany. Bykolles Racing has not confirmed the detailed specifications of the hypercar, however, it is expected to have approximately 700 horsepower and weigh roughly

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The Next Volvo XC90 Might Be Called Embla

The Next Volvo XC90 Might Be Called Embla The all-electric and/or hybrid car is expected to be unveiled later this year.The current Volvo XC90 is the second generation of the car, which has been with us since the 2015 model year and, as such, getting a bit long in the tooth, even after a facelift last year. However, the next XC90 might not be an XC90 at all,

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