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Luxe Monogram-Adorned Sneakers

Luxe Monogram-Adorned Sneakers Balenciaga has returned with a new sneaker silhouette that echoes it's recent distressed 'Paris Sneaker' release dubbed the Balenciaga 'BB Monogram' sneaker. The new offering is considered to be the "clean" version of the destroyed 'Paris Sneaker,' and comes dressed in Balenciaga's new updated luxe monogram logo. The shoe

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Branded Anti-Harassment Initiatives

Branded Anti-Harassment Initiatives The Paywall Down campaign by L'Or'eal Paris is part of the global awareness movement "StandUp: against harassment in the streets." The movement carries out anti-harassment training developed in partnership with the American NGO Hollaback. L'Or'eal Paris is using its public platform to spread awareness via an informative

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