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Luminous LED Basketballs

Luminous LED Basketballs GOLDFIREFLY is a luminous basketball founded out of California City, CA, by a man named Jacob. He invented this ball because he loved to work out at night. He attempted to purchase many luminous balls, but none were up to his standards. The biggest problems were the grip of the basketballs and the LED lights needing to be

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Smoke-Free Fire Pits

Smoke-Free Fire Pits The 'Dragonfire' portable smokeless fire pit is a durable piece of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers seeking out a way to stay warm from anywhere. The fire pit comes in two finish options to choose from and is capable of being used with either fire wood or wood pellets to make it well-suited for a number of

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Hollow Candle-Like Table Lamps

Hollow Candle-Like Table Lamps The conceptual 'LAMPE' has been designed by Somya Chowdhary as a modern illuminator that draws inspiration from an old-fashioned aesthetic to provide users with a comforting experience. The lamp is characterized by its hollow construction that works with LEDs in the base to send a comforting glow upwards and allow it to diffuse

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