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Stealthy Fantasy-Themed Vehicles

Stealthy Fantasy-Themed Vehicles The F117 4WD Covenant was designed by Giulio Partisani and resembles a sportier and more compact version of the iconic Batmobile. With a Formual01 structure at its core, the vehicle boasts a highly aerodynamic assisting chassis. It also includes intricately designed wings, sidepods, and a cockpit that fully seals to eliminate

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German Racing Hypercars

German Racing Hypercars 'Bykolles Racing,' the German auto racing team, has unveiled a new Le Mans hypercar for Fia WEC. The team tested the car in a shakedown at the Zweibr"ucken Airport in Germany. Bykolles Racing has not confirmed the detailed specifications of the hypercar, however, it is expected to have approximately 700 horsepower and weigh roughly

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