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Secret Cannabis Speakeasies

Secret Cannabis Speakeasies Toronto's THINKER Speak Easy can be accessed through a secret back door in the Dynasty Pot Shop and it invites guests into an indoor reading room, an outdoor patio and more. The experience gives adults a taste of the products offered by THINKER, namely ON (sativa) or OFF (indica.) Inside the cannabis speakeasy, the first of its

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3D-Printed Moon Shelters

3D-Printed Moon Shelters The 'LINA' lunar surface base has been designed by AI SpaceFactory as a shelter for astronauts alike to keep them supported during their time on the moon. Designed in partnership with NASA for the Artemis Mission, the structure is 3D-printed and suited for exposure to the harsh environment on the lunar surface. The structure

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Physical Dedicated VR Stores

Physical Dedicated VR Stores Meta announced the opening of the 'Meta Store,' a physical retail location in Burlingame, California. Meta will use this location to showcase its current and future-facing virtual reality (VR) technology, such as the Meta Quest 2. The store will open on May 9th, 2022, and will showcase the existing Meta VR devices, such as the

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