Tom Daley Is impartial Now Realizing He's a Twunk

Tom Daley Is impartial Now Realizing He’s a Twunk

Tom Daley Is Just Now Realizing He’s a Twunk

Grass is green. The sky is blue. And Tom Daley is a twunk…though he’s only just now realizing it.
In case you missed it, the Olympic gold medalist, competitive diver, father, activist, and absolute heartthrob is gracing the cover of our sister publication The Advocate‘s May/June 2022 issue.

While catching up with Pride Today host Stephen Walker in New York City recently, the 27-year-old (who is celebrating his 28th birthday this Saturday, May 21st) was proudly showing off his cover of the magazine to viewers in a short Instagram video.
It was then that he realized what we’ve all known for many years now: he’s a total twunk.
“Be sure to catch this lovely young man in this issue of The Advocate,” Walker tells his followers in his Instagram video post featuring Daley.
“Not so young, I’m gonna be 28 on Saturday,” Daley then replies jokingly, before asking, “What does that make me? Some twunk? Is that the past tense of twink?”

For those not in the know (like Daley, apparently), the term “twunk” is a portmanteau of the words “twink” and “hunk” and is generally used to refer to a gay man who has a bigger, stronger build than a twink but is not quite as big as a beefcake or a hunk. For all intents and purposes and to make a long story short, a twunk is basically just a muscular twink.
Being the gold medal-winning, Olympic athlete that he is, Daley is the perfect, dictionary definition of a twunk, so it’s kind of surprising to us that after all these years of slaying the competition on the diving board and capturing our hearts, he is only just now figuring out his full twunkiness.
Oh well, self-awareness is always super important, and at least he knows now!

Read Tom Daley’s The Advocate cover story, which is part of the annual Champions of Pride issue, here and on newsstands. The issue is also available at most Target locations nationwide.


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