Top 100 Tech Trends in May

Top 100 Tech Trends in May

The May 2022 tech trends feature a wide variety of innovations ranging from gadgets designed to improve routine elements of everyday life to far-out concepts interested in exploring entirely new ways of living, most often by merging the real with the virtual.

As a result, this collection consists of a diverse blend of products and ideas. Metaverse music festivals, AI-powered prosthetic limbs, video-streaming glasses, and countertop dish sanitizers are just a few of the standout items launched this month.

However, despite the diverse nature of this month’s tech trends, there was one notable theme that emerged this May: 3D printing went mainstream. For example, boutique audio electronics brand Campfire Audio released the first-ever custom-fit 3D-printed earbud called the ‘Supermoon.’ Meanwhile, Interesting Times Gang, a Stockholm-based creative studio, constructed a 3D-printed chair made out of the recycled fishing net and other biomaterials. Elsewhere, 3D printing entered the home market, as Anker launched the ‘AnkerMake M5,’ a high-speed, affordable 3D printer built for home offices.


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