Travel-Focused Credit Cards

Travel-Focused Credit Cards

Imprint, a company specializing in branded payments and rewards products, has teamed up with Selina, a lifestyle and hospitality brand targeting Gen Z and Millennial travelers. Together, the two brands have launched the all-new Selina Rewards Visa Cards. With the new card, users receive a $25 sign-up bonus, 5% cashback at all Selina locations, and 1% cashback at all other retailers.

In addition, the Selina Rewards Visa Card comes with no fees, no interest, and no credit inquiries. Moreover, in an effort to appeal to younger consumers, the card also boasts a quick and simple cashback program that allows users to connect their bank accounts directly to the Imprint App.

“We are thrilled to begin this special relationship with Imprint to provide our guests and members with added value as we continue to build a dynamic, engaging and authentic lifestyle brand that resonates with consumers,” said Rafael Museri, Selina’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Image Credit: Imprint


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