YRKKH: Abhir to question Akshara about his real father, Abhinav stands shocked

YRKKH: Abhir to question Akshara about his real father, Abhinav stands shocked
Jun 2023

YRKKH: Abhir to question Akshara about his real father, Abhinav stands shocked

In the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) tonight, the story unfolds with Kairav expressing his frustration to Akshara about Muskaan's confusing behaviour. Akshara, however, becomes thrilled and suggests that Kairav might be falling in love with Muskaan. Kairav dismisses her claim, stating that he isn't meant to love anyone and doesn't want to ruin Muskaan's life. Akshara believes Kairav's fear of getting hurt and living in the past is the only obstacle preventing him from embracing love again. She encourages him to talk to Muskaan, assuring him that she will understand.

In the meantime, Abhinav inquires Akshara about what will Muskaan understand. Akshara fabricates a story, claiming that Suhasini wishes to invite Muskaan for a ceremony and seeks Abhinav's approval first. Although Abhinav has no objections, he advises Akshara to ask Muskaan to maintain some distance from Kairav. Later, Abhinav reminds Akshara to focus on her upcoming exams and advises her to prioritize her studies.

Simultaneously, Abhimanyu finds himself concerned and seeks guidance from a higher power. Akshara, too, feels anxious and confides in Abhinav, who supports and encourages her, promising to be by her side throughout her journey. Akshara expresses her gratitude, acknowledging that she wouldn't have accomplished everything without Abhinav. However, Abhinav insists that Akshara's strength and resilience are the reasons for her achievements, and he feels fortunate to have met such a brave woman.

Later that night, Abheer and Abhimanyu unknowingly find themselves sitting on the sofa together. As soon as Abhimanyu spots Abheer, he shows him a letter and questions why Abheer kept the truth hidden from him. Abhimanyu assures Abheer of his care and friendship, encouraging him to share anything. Abheer pleads with Abhimanyu to promise not to reveal the secret to anyone, and Abhimanyu vows to keep it safe. Abheer reveals that he overheard Abhinav telling Akshara that he is not his biological father.

Abhimanyu wonders why Abheer didn't ask his parents about it, to which Abheer explains that he doesn't want to burden them further as Akshara has exams approaching. He also expresses his desire for Akshara and Abhinav to have a happy anniversary. Abhimanyu sympathetically embraces Abheer and offers to help him find his father. At that moment, Akshara emerges, concerned about Abheer being awake, but Abhimanyu assures her that everything is fine.

Meanwhile, Manish informs Suhasini that he plans to send Kairav to Singapore to oversee a new branch. However, Kairav refuses, professing his love for Muskaan and his determination to win her forgiveness. Manish slaps Kairav and insists that he must go. On the other hand, Abhimanyu advises Abheer to write down his thoughts in a diary as a way to express his worries. Subsequently, Abheer writes a heartfelt letter to Lord Shiva, asking for guidance in discovering his true father, leaving Abhimanyu shattered by Abheer's quest for answers.

Precap: Abhir questions Akshara about who his real father is. Abhinav discovers the letter written by Abhir and stands shocked.